24/7 shipment tracking that’s better than our biggest competitors

Forwarding is about two things: Managing expectations and managing information. Historically, forwarders have done a pretty poor job of both of these things. Instead, most focus on making bookings and completing documentation (as long as you specify what is required on each shipment, of course). In other words, you spoon-feed your forwarders. It is up to you to keep the details straight and everybody informed. If a shipment rolls to the next vessel, unless you call and ask the question, you are the last to find out.

This is why we wrote NAVALIS (NAVigation And Logistics Information System)—our web-based proprietary software. NAVALIS manages details between different parties by establishing profiles. Each profile is a flexible template that applies general characteristics to a shipment. For example, you have a customer ABC Electronics in Japan. The NAVALIS profile shows that you ship to the port of Osaka, on a Letter of Credit basis, that we cut the insurance form, and that the freight is prepaid. It also tells us that your customer requires a Certificate of Origin, 3 Original and 2 Copies of the Commercial Invoice. It also requires us to produce a second set of documents and send them directly to his customs broker. Every time you book a shipment to this company, NAVALIS fills in a large portion of the details with previous profile information.

As a Hancock client, you have access to all of your shipment information via the web, and your client can see their information, too.  And since we write every line of code, we can customize NAVALIS to address any unique needs you have.

NAVALIS will:  Trace your frieght, Email you, your load site, your customer, their broker, etc., complete booking information and updates, and give you customizeable reports on shipment volume and sales data.

Contact us for a fuller explanation of NAVALIS. We’ll be happy to show you how to add time back into your day and peace of mind back into your life.

Navalis Features

  • Track every shipment with our easy-to-use web application

  • Customizeable reports, automated notifications and reminders

  • Avoid headaches with automated shipment tracking

  • Access our custom-built logistics software 24/7

  • Keep tabs on your shipments whenever, wherever

  • Receive automated booking information updates via fax or email — your customers and loading sites, too

  • Freight tracing available to you and your customer 24/7

  • You choose the amount of email notices you receive, from just the basics to multiple notices per shipment

  • Going the extra mile is just the beginning

  • Knowledgeable, helpful, caring staff

  • Enjoy a customs forwarding solution that makes your job less stressful

  • Follow your shipment online 24/7 as we follow your shipment through