Flexible, EFFICIENT, and ACCESSIBLE logistics software.

Navalis is our web-based, proprietary software. It simplifies the booking process and provides valuable, customizable data on demand. Data and automation power Navalis to efficiently and accurately create bookings based on your preferences and past shipments.

All of your shipment information is available through our easy-to-use web app, and your client can see their information, too. And since we write every line of code, we can customize Navalis to address any of your requirements.

Contact us for a fuller explanation of Navalis. We’ll be happy to show you how it can add time back into your day and peace of mind back into your life.


Navalis Features

  • Smart profiles that streamline the booking process

  • Customizeable reports, automated notifications and reminders

  • Intelligent shipment tracking (online, emailed, API)

  • Cross-platform availability

  • Scalable for high volume data exchange

  • Seamless open account and L/C document production